Mackenzie Alpine Horse Trekking

Lake Tekapo


Lake Tekapo is located in the central South Island of New Zealand. Two and a half hours drive from Christchurch International Airport on State Highway 8, the main tourist route to Queenstown and the West Coast. 

The name Tekapo derives from the Maori taka (“sleeping mat”) and Po (“night”), which suggests that Tekapo has been used as a stopover location for a long time.

The village has numerous accommodation options, from hotels to backpacker hostels and a camp ground. There are some excellent restaurants, a grocery store and some good souvenir shops.

At an altitude of 710m, the area is said to have the clearest air in the southern hemisphere. On a good day the views really do have sharp edges and vibrant colours, making this one of the best places from which to photograph the Southern Alps.

Lake Tekapo is an alpine lake fed by numerous glaciers and rivers and is well known throughout the world for its unique and beautiful turquoise colour, which comes form the light reflecting on microscopic rock particles suspended in the water.

Other activities in the Lake Tekapo area include guided botanical walks, fixed and rotary wing scenic flights, a family owned and operated ski field, kayaking, boating, fishing, alpine hunting and Mt John Observatory.

Lake Alexandrina, located within the trekking area and just to the west of the main lake, is a world renowned trout fishery

The “Mackenzie Country” as it is known to Kiwis, was discovered in the mid 1800’s by a Gaelic speaking Scottish Highlander who was best known for his prowess at stealing sheep. The legend of James McKenzie is as well known to the inhabitants of the area, although no-one is sure of how the spelling of the Mackenzie country changed.